Sunday, January 29, 2017

al, bonnie, chucky, and the detective

al was an obnoxious individual.

he had a big mouth and thought he was tough and nobody liked him.

he had a girl friend named bonnie that he was always fighting with.

people felt sorry for bonnie but they also felt sorry for themselves because they had to listen to their constant racket.

they also suspected that al slapped bonnie around though she never said so to anybody.

a guy named chucky was particularly displeased by al’s existence.

one day al and chucky got into an argument and chucky pulled out a gun and shot al dead.

chucky had no prior record and the killing did not seem premeditated. he pleaded guilty to second degree murder and got a sentence of twenty to forty years with the possibility of parole.

a lot of people were grateful to chucky for killing al.

especially bonnie.

bonnie began corresponding with chucky in prison, and also sending him packages of brownies and cookies and other goodies that she baked herself.

a detective named dave, who had been involved with chucky’s swift arrest and conviction, heard about bonnie’s packages.

dave began to wonder if al’s killing had been as “unpremeditated” as it seemed, and if bonnie had not put chucky up to it and been an accessory.

dave liked to think of himself as a sharp detective who could not be fooled by bad guys and girls, who could solve “cold cases”, and who saw things others did not.

he also sincerely believed that al, as little as he had been loved or appreciated by his fellow humans, deserved to have those involved with his death brought to justice.

dave went to see bonnie to ask her about her care packages to chucky, and had a few other questions as well.

bonnie assured him that she had hardly ever spoken to chucky before he shot and killed al, and that she was writing to him and sending him goodies because she felt sincerely sorry for him.

when dave pressed her on the matter, bonnie told him she enjoyed baking the cookies and brownies and prided herself on them and would be happy to send dave himself some on a regular basis.

dave did not much care for bonnie’s attitude and departed more determined than ever to uncover some evidence of her complicity in al’s murder.

but although he pursued the matter off and on through the ensuing years he could not ever get anything on bonnie.

when dave was forced to retire, he kept on bonnie’s case on his own, along with a number of other “cold cases” he dreamed of solving.

a few months before chucky was released on parole, dave had a heart attack and died.

bonnie and chucky got married and lived happily ever after.

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