Tuesday, January 17, 2017

franklin's tale

civilization had collapsed.

darkness covered the earth.

food was hard to come by.

a guy named allen was walking along.

he was just a guy.

he saw a candy bar lying on the ground.

he picked it up and began eating it.

he had eaten half of it when suddenly another guy, named brandon, appeared.

i saw that candy bar too, he told allen, you should give me the half you have not eaten yet.

why didn’t you show up sooner? asked allen.

because i tripped over an empty wine bottle, brandon answered.

that makes sense, allen agreed, and he gave the remaining half of the candy bar to brandon, who promptly ate it.

suddenly chester appeared. he was angry.

why didn’t you wait for me, he demanded of allen and brandon. if you had waited, you could have shared the candy bar with me.

we did not know you were coming, or that you existed, allen answered patiently.

it is not reasonable of you to accuse us in this manner, brandon began, but before he could go any further chester interrupted him.

that’s what they all say, chester cried. it's a pretty piss poor excuse if you ask me! and pulling out a gun he shot both allen and brandon dead.

although chester had been sincerely enraged by the presumptuous greed of allen and brandon, he had a further motive in shooting them.

he thought they might have more candy bars or other foodstuffs on their persons, so he stuck his gun back in his pocket and began searching their dead bodies.

as he was doing this darius came along.

what do you think you are doing, darius demanded of chester, who gave you the right to shoot those poor fellows?

and without waiting for chester’s reply, darius pulled out a gun of his own and shot chester.

as darius was standing there contemplating their dead bodies and reflecting on the savagery of existence, ernie came along.

ernie had been the governor of a large province, before the collapse of civilization.

who gave you the right to take the law into your own hands? he demanded of darius.

darius shot ernie.

all this had been taking place near a large fragment of a brick wall.

the vibrations from the constant gunfire caused the wall to weaken and now it collapsed on darius and on the bodies of ernie,allen, brandon and chester, covering them all and leaving a pile of rubble for any passers by to pass by.

when franklin finished this story he showed it to his twin sister greta.

greta quickly scanned it. this is a stupid story, she told franklin. why are there no women in it, or cats or dogs or anything except human males?

franklin had no answer.

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