Saturday, January 14, 2017


ted always remembered the advice mr hornsby had given him at the start of his career.

get a good pitch. and hit it.

one day the red sox were playing the browns in a day game in st louis.

ted got up early and went to get breakfast at a little diner down the street from sportsmans park.

he ordered bacon and eggs and coffee.

the guy behind the counter asked ted what he thought the best way to cook the eggs was.

get a good egg, ted answered with a smile, and fry it up good.

the counterman thanked him.

a young fellow was sitting a few stools to the right of ted, drinking coffee and reading the morning paper.

say, he said to ted, i am a young lawyer just starting out. what advice would you give me?

get a good case, ted told him. and win it.

thanks! the young lawyer replied.

another fellow, a bit older and a little bit haggard looking, was sitting two stools down on ted’s left.

you know, he said to ted, i have always wanted to write a best selling novel. what do you think i should i do?

get a good idea, ted told him. and write it.

thank you, the haggard looking man replied. i think i will do just that.

the counterman brought ted his order.

as he prepared to dig in, a little old lady who had been sitting at the far end of the counter got up and started to leave the diner.

as she passed behind ted, she told him, i just spent my last dime and have to go out and bum some more. how should i go about it?

find a good mark, ted told her over his shoulder, and tell him a good story.

thanks! she replied.

the little old lady went out into the street.

the sun was shining.

it was going to be a beautiful day.

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